Let the Bible Read YOU

As we work through the list of healthy spiritual habits, engaging with the Bible naturally comes to the top of the list. This blog is based on John Botkin’s helpful message on “Engaging With The Bible”. Be sure to pay attention to his conversation with two local Bible reading experts.

Now, rather than wallow in shame about our lack of regular Bible reading, let’s encourage each other to move forward. (Why don’t we give up unhelpful guilt for Lent?) Remember, something is better than nothing.

First of all, ask God to stimulate your spiritual appetite. “Lord, what do you have to say to me today?” Jotting down some questions and insights will help it stay with you.

Start with baby steps… Be realistic with your goals. Don’t try to do it alone. Find a spiritual workout buddy/accountability partner for mutual encouragement.

Here are a few resources that I’ve used myself and found helpful.

Our Daily Bread is very portable and FREE! You can get free copies here at Elim on a regular basis. It’s a classic. As well as hard copies, you can find it here:


Our good friends at Southland Church have created an excellent series of Bible devotionals that are based on the various books of the Bible. You can download them or request them to be sent to your inbox. I especially appreciate their insightful application questions.


Skye Jethani is the author of the book WITH. His daily devotional is usually the first thing I read every morning. Why? It’s thoughtful, challenging and is linked to the relevant Scriptures  for quick reference.


One final word of wisdom from John about developing this good spiritual habit…Start today!

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