Are You Ready To Germinate?


Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, 

it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. 

Anyone who loves their life will lose it,

while anyone who hates their life in this world

will keep it for eternal life.                   John 12:24-25


When I need information on growing things, I don’t bother with YouTube or other websites, I go right to the source…my father-in-law, Bob Crawford. Bob is a retired high school biology teacher and principal with a Masters Degree in Soil Science. (This man knows the dirt on everything). So when I asked him to explain the germination process, something clicked for me.

The hard outer shell of the wheat seed (the bran) serves as a protective layer for the DNA and energy supply within. In order for the seed to accomplish its created purpose in life, that hard shell must disintegrate and allow the germination process to proceed.  New life and many seeds will result. That’s the way God has designed the nature of things.

If we want to follow Jesus, we have to give up our life and obey Him. We must allow God’s Spirit to penetrate our tough exteriors and expose us to the truth (about Him…and us). Only through our surrender and obedience to His will can the spiritual germination process begin. Jesus promises a new and fruitful life if we allow Him to do this.

For all the risk this entails, I know I do not want to be one of those seeds that never germinates, never accomplishes its created process. How sad to try to control my life, and lose it in the long run.

What new risk of faith is Jesus calling you to? What does it look like for you to pick up your cross daily and follow Him? How is the germination process going?

3 Comments on “Are You Ready To Germinate?

  1. Once again, Jesus uses a contradiction in terms to get our attention. Die in order to live. First will be last (and last, first). The one who rules should be the one who serves. Etc. The world would tell us something differently but that’s why Jesus was so radical. He spoke truth. Preach it, brother Rick!

  2. i really enjoyed hearing this message last week and have been seeing a “visual” of it often in my prayer time throughout this week.

    I recently heard another pastor say something that sounded pretty radical but is totally biblical “God doesn’t want to bless you – He wants to ‘kill’ you”. He was, of course, referring to this very passage of scripture. We need to truly die to ourselves before Christ can truly “live” in us!!

    That is what I want for my life. Less of me and more of Him!! I long to be able to say with the Apostle Paul “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain!” Philippians 1:21

  3. It is a sad thing if we don’t germinate and become a part of God’s harvest. He talks about harvesting a great deal in scripture so it clearly is near and dear to His heart.
    However, the hard part is to connect with God sufficiently to understand His specific will for us, and how we are to fulfill it.

    Wosre yet if we go through life thinking we are a mustard seed only to find out later we are a coconut. We need God’s guidance every day to keep us mindful of who we are in Him.

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