There’s a new sheriff in town…

images (1)In the old Hollywood westerns, the arrival of a new sheriff in town (preferably with a white hat) usually represented a significant change in the community (hopefully for the better). Corruption and crime would decline, the streets would be safer and everyone’s quality of life would improve. All because there was a new authority present to lead people to a more hopeful future.

This week we looked at some of the implications of Easter and the resurrection. We have new ownership, new values, and a new purpose. Because of how Jesus has redeemed us (a technical term for purchasing us out of our slavery to sin), we have an entirely new perspective on reality.

Post-Easter, we regard God, ourselves and others in a much different light. Paul says, because of the resurrection,”we regard no one from a worldly point of view” (2 Corinthians 5:16). What does he mean?

External methods of “measuring” social status – ethnicity, gender, education, occupation, where we live, what we drive, etc. – all of these things lose their importance. We now love and accept people the way they are because God loves and accepts us the way we are.

There’s hope for the future. Death and sin will ultimately lose the battle for planet Earth. The transformation of ourselves and our world has begun.

From your perspective as a forgiven, dearly loved child of God, how do you perceive other people in your life? Especially people who are different from you?

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