God Keep Our Land

Imaple leaft’s the day after Canada Day. Last night’s fireworks in Assiniboine Park were the best ever. We took in a couple of fun street parties and hung the Maple Leaf with pride from the front of our home. During the finale of the pyrotechnics, it was inspiring to see an extended family of new immigrants stand up during the national anthem. As our daughter commented to a local politician yesterday, “Canada Day is just a fun holiday. You don’t get into trouble wishing someone a Happy Canada Day.”

But all is not well. Several months ago, Winnipeg experienced a boil water advisory. Our tap water was not deemed safe. It was a good reminder not to take clean drinking water for granted.

Two days of boiling water was a mild inconvenience. Can you imagine boiling your water, not for weeks or months, but for YEARS? That’s the calamity faced by Shoal Lake First Nation. This is the source of Winnipeg’s water. They do without while we prosper.

I am angry and embarrassed by our collective inaction on this issue. That’s why I have signed the attached petition.


I strongly encourage anyone with a conscience to do the same. I would like to feel genuinely proud of my country.

Someone reminded me today of the theme of last Sunday’s Ohana message, “When we stand for what’s right, other people will see God”. Who’s with me?

Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.  Psalm 82:3

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