Meeting God at the Cinema

I didn’t grow up going to the movies. It wasn’t on our family’s list of officially sanctioned entertainment options. That’s changed for me, but I still like to be selective about what I watch.

Hollywood has not traditionally been “faith friendly” so in reaction to that, a number of Christian film makers have tried to provide healthy alternatives (with mixed results frankly). However, the quality of faith based films has been increasing, both in storylines and production quality. I’d like to point out some recent releases this fall for your consideration.

*Spoiler Alert: I am not a movie reviewer, or even a film nerd. I just point these out and strongly suggest you use your discretion in making good choices. Each of the movies mentioned will have trailers and reviews online. You might also want to check out Focus on the Family’s website,

That being said, here we go.

Woodlawn – This is the one movie mentioned in this blog that I’ve actually seen. If you’re familiar with Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington, this will ring a bell. It is based on the true life account of Tony Nathan, a young black football star, and his struggles with racism growing up in Alabama. Well produced with some recognizable Hollywood actors.

The 33 – Another true life story of 33 miners in Chile trapped deep in a gold and copper mine and the international team working night and day to rescue them.

Captive – One more true life story. A man on the run takes a recovering meth addict hostage in her own apartment. “A thrilling drama of the spiritual collision of two broken lives”.

War Room – An elderly widow provides life giving advice to an overwhelmed businesswoman whose marriage is on the rocks. Soon a friendship is born, one in which an older woman begins to disciple a younger one about fighting the right way against the right enemy in the right place.

Happy movie going. Be sure to send me your reviews…

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