Christmas eve in Winnipeg

Join us on the 24th Of December at Elim Chapel to celebrate Christmas together!

There are two services for your convenience, 10:30 AM & 6:30 PM. Children are welcome to both services.

10:30 am: Family Service (“Unfrozen” Christmas Story & Carols) 

Once upon a time. These words have been the start of countless stories. And this one is no different. we’ll transform the same old “once upon a time” into a fresh examination into the story of Jesus’s birth. Joyful worship, special readings from the Bible and hot chocolate & cookies afterwards. RSVP now. 

6:30 pm: Candlelight Christmas Carol Service 

There will be carols, bible reading, choir, a band, and refreshments. Enjoyment guaranteed. There will not be childcare provided but quiet play areas will be available. Enjoyable for the whole family! From young children, to grandparents all will find our celebration accessible! RSVP now


We are located at 546 Portage Ave.
Please reserve tickets for children attending the service with you.




We encourage families to enjoy the service with their children. It will be accessible for all ages! If your little ones need a quiet space to play, there will be two different play areas.


There are two parking lots available at the back of the building as well as parking along Spence Street. There will be a handful of handicap spots available. Family members can also be dropped at the door. We are expecting high numbers, so do come early!


Everyone and anyone! Invite your neighbours, aunts, cousins, guy from shoppers drug mart, and the milk man! The service will be accessible for all ages, young and old alike!