Next Steps at Elim Chapel

Upcoming dates:

First Step / Welcome lunch – January 13

If you are new to Elim, please plan to attend.

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We are a church family that is committed to being disciples of Jesus Christ and helping others become disciples.

Therefore, the next steps program at Elim Chapel is an opportunity to connect, engage and equip people who come through our doors.  The program consists of two parts- The First Step and the Growth Tracks.

The Welcome Lunch or Newcomer’s Lunch as previously known, is the First Step and is designed to provide those who are new to Elim Chapel or never attended a newcomer’s lunch an opportunity to know what Elim is about, and explore their next steps in following Jesus. The next First Step is on January 13th.

The Growth Tracks is open to everyone, but if someone is new to Elim Chapel, then it is recommended that they attend these after attending the First Step session.

The Growth Tracks are a series of modules to help individuals embark on their discipleship journey.

The modules are:

Growth Tracks 101 – Living for Jesus (Next Session: January 27)

Growth Tracks 102 – Hearing God’s voice (Next Session: February 10)

Growth Tracks 103 – Used by God to bring others into His family (Next Session: February 24)

All sessions are after the service from 12 pm – 1 pm, in the basement.  Lunch is provided. The session is 60 minutes and open for all to attend.

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