Student Ministry

Our youth in-person is on hold. Watch this week’s lesson here:


Grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus from your own home.


A 5-week reading plan about developing an everyday faith. Connecting with God helps us know Him better. Listening to God helps us know Him better. Talking to God helps us know Him better. Talking about God helps us know Him better. Worshiping God helps us know Him better.


We’ve all got vibes—moods we experience or things we feel in deep and real ways. And while there’s nothing wrong with feeling all the feels, the problem comes when we let these passing vibes become the motivators of our moods and actions. In this 28-day devotional, we’re going to dive deep to figure out what we can do to better control our vibes instead of letting our vibes control us.

Twenty One Day Prayer Challenge

This booklet is 21 days of guided prayers for students in hopes that at the end of reading this, you would 1) have made prayer a significant part of your day 2) have an idea on how to direct your prayers on certain topics per day and 3) get to know God closer than you have ever before. Each day has a different topic to pray about, a 3-minute devotional, some Scripture to reflect on, and a guided prayer list to help them make prayer a real, authentic, directed, part of their everyday life.

Rhythms Prayer Journal

Rhythms prayer journal is a great resources for students! It contains 40 different entries that a student can go through. Each entry prompts the reader to journal, read a scripture, and pray. And each entry is different! Often time, students need a prompt or a guide to help them through spiritual disciplines.

90 Days Through the New Testament

Each daily reading comes with several specific questions (from that day’s reading) intended to help you reflect on how God’s Word can be applied to your life. The questions are simply a guide to help the reader better understand what he/she is reading (they’re optional but helpful). In addition, each of the 27 New Testament books have a short description to help the student better understand the context. “This 3-month experiment was the single most effective program of spiritual growth and discipline I have ever experienced. I needed the motivation and structure to make a daily time with God a habit.” Jim Burns

This is a large file to print. Just let Justina know if you are interested and she will be glad to print and drop it off.